In memoriam

inMemoriam_elliotGoldnerDr. Elliot Goldner

Dr. Elliot Goldner, a dear friend to the MHCC and renowned as an intellectual giant in the mental health community, passed away suddenly in early December, 2016.  At the age of 63, Dr. Goldner was in his prime, having accrued a lifetime of invaluable knowledge and skillfully honed the ability to share it.

Universally respected for his unique combination of warmth, scientific rigour and drive to create a mental healthcare system that put people’s needs at its core, Dr. Goldner’s early experiences as the father of an ill child informed his compassionate, people-centred approach.

Among the MHCC’s most trusted advisors, Dr. Goldner shaped the organization’s world renowned Knowledge Exchange Centre (KEC) with a keen eye to sharing best practises and speeding the translation of research into policy. Most recently, Dr. Goldner championed the development of Canada’s first set of mental health indicators.

Dr. Goldner leaves behind a legacy of young scientists inspired to apply their work to policy development. An academic and an intellectual with a common touch, Dr. Goldner’s special gift was making regular people understand complex things.

“As someone in recovery with Schizophrenia, who brings the expertise of lived experience to the circle, I have always felt listened to and respected. A member of the Hallway Group, I have been nurtured and encouraged to grow in my role in the community. Through the MHCC, I have been privileged to work on countless initiatives that that will affect the lives of those touched by mental illness. I encourage people with lived experience to leverage the tools and reach of the MHCC to continue to have our voices heard, our concerns validated and our criticisms addressed. It is only then that we will be truly free from stigma.” – Nigel Bart, Studio Facilitator, Artbeat Studio Inc and member of MHCC’s Hallway Group

inMemoriam_paulaGoeringDr. Paula Goering

On May 24, 2016, the MHCC lost a dear friend and valued colleague with the death of Dr. Paula Goering – a world-renowned mental health researcher.

Dr. Goering was the lead architect behind the MHCC’s transformative At Home/Chez Soi project, which garnered national and global acclaim. Thanks to her passion and tireless efforts, a strong, evidence-based Housing First model has been developed in communities across Canada.

Thank you to past and present members of the MHCC’s advisory committees and council, hallway group, youth council, provincial and territorial advisory group & board directors:

“I am tremendously proud to have led the team that created the Commission, and to have Chaired the MHCC Board for its first five years.  More importantly, I am deeply gratified that the work that we undertook – particularly the Mental Health Strategy for Canada, the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, and the At Home/Chez Soi Homelessness project – has created true and lasting change in Canada for the benefit for all those living with mental health issues and the families that support them.”  – The Hon. Michael Kirby (Former Senator, Founding Chair, MHCC Board of Directors)